Meet Auburn’s Booming Photographer: Sarah Blazejewski

What used to be a hobby has turned into a career for one Auburn University student. Sarah Blazejewski, more commonly known as “Blaze” around campus, arrived at Auburn with a camera to capture the next four years of her life. Little did she know that this camera would lead her to some amazing opportunities.


Blazejewski is a senior from Dallas, Texas, majoring in Finance. While she might be business savvy, she has a real eye for photography.


Blazejewski took photography in high school all four years. In fact, her photography teacher had to create a separate, more advanced class for her, because the school’s program didn’t go that high.


“They had to create an Advanced Placement Photography III in high school,” said Blazejewski. “It was just me and one another student in the class, because we had already taken every class they offered.”

Auburn University doesn’t specifically have a photography program for students to major in. The only option is to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus in photography.


“I considered majoring in photography or the way Auburn offers it,” said Blazejewski. “I feel like a business background would benefit me more if I ever wanted to open my own photography business. A degree in a business-related field made more sense to me.”


Blazejewski had not intentions of taking photos for people, but one thing lead to another. Before she knew it, “Sarah Blaze Photography” was a booming business right out of her own apartment.


“What’s funny is that I started out asking other people if I could take photos of them,” said Blazejewski. “Never in a million years, did I think I would have people constantly be asking me to take their photos; and they are willing to pay me.”

Blazejewski has been asked to take photos of many different events. From high school seniors to Auburn graduations photos to weddings, Blazejewski has been asked to capture special moments for so many special people.


“I have a hard time picking my favorite event to shoot,” said Blazejewski. “If I had to choose just one it would probably be when Aubie showed up to a graduation shoot. But then, I also keep thinking of many more that were all amazing to capture.”


You could tell that Blazejewski loves what she does just by listening to her show people her work of art. One would have a hard time thinking that she is a finance major, by the way she is constantly on the go taking peoples photos.


“Without Auburn and the wonderful people that go here, I would probably wouldn’t have found what I love to do,” said Blazejewski. “I have Auburn University to thank for my local success.”

Upon graduating, Blazejewski plans to move back to Dallas. From there she is uncertain if she will immediately try to open her own photography studio.


“I plan on trying to find a job that relates to finance, while still doing photography on the side,” said Blazejewski. “I am hoping that one day I will be able to do photography by itself; I just think it will take me a little bit to get my name out in Dallas.”

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