How One Organization Is Speaking Up About Domestic Violence Awareness

During the month of October everywhere you look you see pink, besides all of the Halloween decorations. The color pink overtakes the month of October; from pink ribbons, pink cheerleader pom poms, to fountains changing the color of water to pink, the color is everywhere. The month of October is all about celebrating Halloween as well as Breast Cancer Awareness month; however, did you know that this month is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month?

photo courtesy of Alpha Chi Omega

After surveying ten people the words most associated with the month of October were: “Halloween, breast cancer and candy”. Not a single one mentioned anything about domestic violence, as well as none of them knew that October was DVAM.


Domestic violence tends to be a touchy subject, but it’s something that needs to be spoken about to create awareness. The color purple is the color associated with DVAM, but people usually don’t see it being displayed anywhere. However, there is an organization on Auburn University’s campus who is currently taking the pledge to speak up and out about DVAM. That organization is Alpha Chi Omega, who is a part of the Auburn University Panhellenic system.


The ladies of Alpha Chi Omega take the month of October to spread awareness, while actively raising money to support DVAM. During the month of October, the women of this organization where the color purple to increase awareness on Auburn’s campus.

photo courtesy of Alpha Chi Omega

Alpha Chi Omega hosted a candlelight vigil in honor of the victims who lost their lives to domestic violence, and on a lighter note brought back their famous philanthropy event “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” on Sunday October 22, 2017.  This used to be the sorority’s annual philanthropy event that raises money to go towards financially supporting the Domestic Intervention Center in Opelika, Alabama, but had taken a couple of years off to pursue another way to raise money. However, nothing beat the popularity of “Walk-A-Mile.”


“Domestic violence is often pushed towards the back of conversations, because it’s such a hard subject to talk about,” said senior Alpha Chi Omega member Sarah Blazejewski. “As an organization on campus, we are taking the opportunity to advocate for all the people who are scared or can’t do it on their own.”


Walk-A-Mile is an event where men from other organizations on campus have the opportunity to sign up and experience what it’s like to walk in a woman’s shoes, literally. These men participate in various relay races, while wearing women’s high heels.

photo courtesy of Lauren Downes

“Guys from all organizations and walks of life came out to support this philanthropy that isn’t talked about often,” said Alpha Chi Omega’s Vice President of Philanthropy Lauren Downes. “It means a lot to our chapter that they took the time out of their day to help us raise awareness for an issue that our chapter is so passionate about.”


Yes, Halloween is fun, and it’s also important to raise awareness for breast cancer, but just because you celebrate those two doesn’t mean you have to kick DVAM to the side. Take a stand with Alpha Chi Omega in 

photo courtesy of Lindsey Engles

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