State of the Union Address

For this blog post, I have created a word cloud for President Donald J. Trump’s State of the Union Address.


President Trump had over 5,000 words in his State of the Union Address; however, I decided to only use his top 100 words for my word cloud. I chose not to read the entire address, because I wanted this post to be what topics I thought were most important to him and what caught my eye based on his top 100 words.


When first glancing at the word cloud the variations of America are the most eye catching. You can see that American, Americans and America were his top three words. I find it pretty interesting that all three are variations of each other. In my opinion, this tells me that President Trump was constantly addressing the American people. In the State of the Union Address, it is important to make sure your know who you audience is. Yes, he addressed Congress in person, but this address is always for the American people. It is the president’s responsibility to speak to the citizens of the United States through this address.


Next, the words “ISIS,” “terrorist” and “immigration” caught my eye. Now these three words were definitely hot topics this year and during President Trumps presidential race, but I found it strange that those three caught my eye before the words “country,” “year” or even “Congress” did.  Immigration was a huge part of President Trumps political campaign, so I am not surprised that it was one of his more frequent words. I knew this word would probably fall in the top 100 words, but he only used it eight times. I found this to be very shocking since he has such a strong stance on the topic.


After creating this post and the word cloud, I plan on going back and reading the address all the way through. It will be interesting to see if what I found most important in the word cloud, ends up being what was most important to President Trump in his speech.


The State of the Union Address is always an important part to any presidency. I would to love to hear back from anyone who reads this post what they took away from the word cloud.




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